Timing and Spacing…

Well, i spent the whole of today learning timing & spacing. Its really a simple subject to teach, but a difficult one to grasp easily. I realized how much life can be  added to your animation when you understanding the concept of spacing.  I was also able to put my new understanding of this two powerful principles into practice  and I’m happy with the result so far. Besides, animation is not something you just read and wait till the day you need to apply it.

Next weekend, i’ll be learning weight and body mechanics generally. I should come up with a basic walk-cycle, a personality walk-cycle,  run-cycle and jump. I might decide to change the rig I’m using currently to the lowman rig for maya. My current rig was created a while ago and its not all that animation friendly. it takes time to pose and there are some rotation problems…well lets see how it goes.

I’ve posted the outcome of my study today. I feel like this weekend wasn’t wasted. For the baseball player animation, i posted three versions; blocking(golden keys), breakdowns and the polished. Comments & crit are welcome.

I need to know if it’s possible to add quicktime movies on wordpress. Its easier to play the video frame by frame that way.


~ by zpixelcgblog on May 23, 2010.

One Response to “Timing and Spacing…”

  1. man i totally love ur stuff.was directed here from nairaland. can you tell me software u use and can i learn from u?reply thru my email or u can call me on 08074963128

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