Just finished Nreport Ep2

Finally, after under estimating how much time would be spent working on this episode, I’m happy its done, even if there are still issues that could be corrected.

To self criticize myself, i would say the biggest thing i don’t like about this video is the audio. I tried avoiding what happened on episode 1, but i guess i didn’t try hard enough. The animation is the second thing to cry about; i wish i had enough time to tweak the animations, some shots were fair, while some were just terrible. Anyways, i hope to learn and practice enough before my next one talking of practice, i have this new idea inspired by Tron legacy… i should just create another post for that.

Well,watch and let me know what you think.


~ by zpixelcgblog on January 25, 2011.

6 Responses to “Just finished Nreport Ep2”

  1. funny, great works

  2. Bro, one word — C’EST MAGNIFIQUE! Beautiful! Beautiful!! Beautiful!!! Most promising Naija 3D animation effort I’ve seen by a mile! I’m so so blown away! Keep it up.

    • Thanks…Just visiting your blog for the first time. You’ve achieved alot already. Keep it up.

  3. Amazing… and amazing…. and really Amazing… its humorous right from the start… i guess now i understand what u mean by start small… i have to follow your inspirational work on youtube… thanks for this cool animation…

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