Despicable me – Minions (Banana)

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Love and will always love this guys. ‘papple’


Just finished Nreport Ep2

•January 25, 2011 • 6 Comments

Finally, after under estimating how much time would be spent working on this episode, I’m happy its done, even if there are still issues that could be corrected.

To self criticize myself, i would say the biggest thing i don’t like about this video is the audio. I tried avoiding what happened on episode 1, but i guess i didn’t try hard enough. The animation is the second thing to cry about; i wish i had enough time to tweak the animations, some shots were fair, while some were just terrible. Anyways, i hope to learn and practice enough before my next one talking of practice, i have this new idea inspired by Tron legacy… i should just create another post for that.

Well,watch and let me know what you think.

3d closeUp ad

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First of all, Happy new year, dont worry i know its late…hope i get to post more this year.

Well, this video was made last year for a contest here (closeup section) which won 4th place. Hope you like it.
Done with Autodesk maya and aftereffects.


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i know it might not be possible to be lazy and busy at the same time. In my case, I’ve been busy lazing around.

Actually, the reason I’ve not posted in a while is because i been trying to round up a 4 minute clip for an animated political satire at work. However, i should post the clip here by the end of this week hopefully.

By the way I’m going to see the movie the whole world is happy about this Wednesday. Inception has really impressed some people, so let me go see what the fuzz is about.

How to train your dragon

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Finally i saw the movie yesterday. what I loved best about the movie was the animation and performance of the characters. The lighting and effects was good too. But the only thing i didn’t like about the movie was the fact that the story was similar to shark tale, no originality in the story. Anyways, it’s a wonderful movie to watch and learn from especially if you’re an aspiring character animator like myself. I’ll rate it 8/10.

Timing and Spacing…

•May 23, 2010 • 1 Comment

Well, i spent the whole of today learning timing & spacing. Its really a simple subject to teach, but a difficult one to grasp easily. I realized how much life can be  added to your animation when you understanding the concept of spacing.  I was also able to put my new understanding of this two powerful principles into practice  and I’m happy with the result so far. Besides, animation is not something you just read and wait till the day you need to apply it.

Next weekend, i’ll be learning weight and body mechanics generally. I should come up with a basic walk-cycle, a personality walk-cycle,  run-cycle and jump. I might decide to change the rig I’m using currently to the lowman rig for maya. My current rig was created a while ago and its not all that animation friendly. it takes time to pose and there are some rotation problems…well lets see how it goes.

I’ve posted the outcome of my study today. I feel like this weekend wasn’t wasted. For the baseball player animation, i posted three versions; blocking(golden keys), breakdowns and the polished. Comments & crit are welcome.

I need to know if it’s possible to add quicktime movies on wordpress. Its easier to play the video frame by frame that way.

This blog is a year old

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Wow, can’t believe I’ve had this blog for a year already, even though i never get to update it often. Well you guys can help me in the celebration by coming back often too, i will work harder to make sure i post regularly. Yes! i also plan to start posting about other things that interest me and my experiments in life.

There is a serious problem I’m trying to fight, i don’t know how to organize my time at all. I always plan to do stuffs but i never really do. I don’t know maybe you’re reading this and you have one or two tips for me you can just leave me a comment I will appreciate it. See you guys later.